Month: August 2018

  • OPPO Find X enabling google assistant

    I downloaded Google Assistant on my Find X from play store and it shows “The Google Assistant isn’t available on this device.” Took me a while to fix it. Make sure you have the newest version of Google Service Framework(usually you do) and check if you have¬†Google Partner Setup installed( Now go to settings and […]

  • OPPO Find X enable third party launcher without root access

    Step 1. Install the third party launcher you prefer. You have to install a launcher first! I chose Apex launcher from play store. Important! If you are using gesture navigation(swipe up for home screen) instead of virtual keys. Go to Settings – Smart & Convenient – Navigation Keys. Change the settings to Virtual Key Navigation […]

  • Warsaw and Krakow

    Hilton at Warsaw is pretty good. Located at the center? of the city and there’s a light rail station right downstairs(Warsaw¬†uprising museum and ghetto are both very close too!) I highly recommend the bar right across the street. If you go out from the back side of the lobby, go straight to the first crossing. […]