Corsair H100i V2 driver error code 52 unsigned fix Just download this driver extracted from the old corsair link and install in devices manager and your H100i V2 should work properly. In newer versions of corsair link, corsair replaced this old driver with their self-singed version and messed the driver up.

Your average edgy youtube tech nerd – ESP8266 based wifi deauther attack

ESP8266 is a super cheap wifi module with Tensilica L106 CPU built in. It supports wifi 2.4ghz bgn. You can get an ESP8266 board plus shipping from China for about 3 bucks. The board I’m using is ESP12E ModeMCU DevKit and it costs ¥17(about 2.5 bucks) on You can find the tutorial for how to […]

Link Xiaomi Mi Home & Yeelight smart home devices to Apple Homekit using Raspberry Pi

HomeKit is Apple’s framework for smart home devices. Users can control their connected accessories using the Home app on their iPhone, even via Siri. However, homekit enabled products are way overpriced. For example, D-Link’s homekit verified “The Guardian” series camera costs $199, compare to Xiaomi’s dome camera which has similar specs and functions priced at $70. Xiaomi […]